Not On My Own Strength

by Jordan L. Chilcott

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Many of the songs on this album document my triumphs and trials within the past few years. There were a lot of things that happened in where I wouldn't have made it through, were it not for the faith that I've have in God through my Saviour, Jesus Christ. One of the best things that got me through many of the events was the love of music that God gave me, and this is my chance to share some of them.

And, in all of this - the events, and the songs the came forth from them, I made it not on my own strength.


released April 7, 2015


all rights reserved



Jordan L. Chilcott Guelph, Ontario

Born in Downsview, Ontario, I taught myself how to play guitar at age 10, mostly because my sister played guitar and was playing all of these really cool Neil Young songs. I also learned recording and mixing skills as the years went by. My influences range from almost every guitar hero, and my heart and soul belong first and foremost to my Lord and Ssviour, Jesus Christ. ... more

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Track Name: Salvation Bluez / Cuz I Believe
My salvation's coming, my Jesus died for me
My salvation's coming, my Jesus died for me
My sins are forgiven when he went to Calvary
My debt is paid for when he went to Calvary

When this body stops moving with grace
And it starts to stumble while running this race
And the things that once came easy now takes the breath from me
But, it will never take my praises to the Lord
OH, 'cuz I believe!

When my knees can no longer stand straight
And my walking starts losing its gait
And a runner now becomes a thing... a thing I used to be!
With God I'll still be walkin
OH, 'cuz I believe!

Oh, God gave me a heart of flesh and
Smashed this heart of stone
He's gonna seat me at His table
And I will praise Him at the throne
I'm told that there's a room for me
In our Father's home
'Cuz I believe in Jesus
And I know I'm not alone!

When I get struck down in my sleep or in my pain
And comes the day this body never moves again
And I go back where I came from and on this earth I cease to be!
I'll rock out "HOLY! HOLY! HOLY!"
'Cuz you know that I believe!

I'm gonna be rockin' out with Jesus!
OH, 'cuz I believe!

I praise my God in Heaven
OH, 'cuz I believe!
Track Name: We'll Keep Moving On
I heard the news today
Like a bomb dropped at my door
Precious dreams lay shattered
Hopes scattered on the floor

Silence boldly broken
Heavy words been spoken
Our emotions frozen

Thoughts spinning in mass confusion
Hoping that it's just illusion
Feeling like all our hope is gone

But we'll keep moving on

Feel the tension in the air
Tearing through our veins
The weight of reality pulling in
As denial turns to pain

Praying for some intervention
Despite our best intentions
We somehow feel like we failed

Thinking if we just had one more chance
We'd do it differently
But our chance of that is slim to none

So we'll keep moving on

It feels the world has fallen down
While the people turn away
Ignoring all our cries

But if you put your hand in mine
We will get up one more time
As we sing one final song

And we'll keep moving on
Track Name: Running Out of Time
How did I get to be this way
Standing here beside myself
I see it slip away
Feeling like a part of me
Is tearing up inside
I’m running cuz I'm running out of time

How can I feel beyond this pain
This weight that keeps on pulling me
Dragging me in chains
I need you to set me free
From the prison I'm inside
Free me cuz I'm running out of time

Crying out from deep inside
On my knees, I call your name
I'm swallowing my pride
Take this poison, wash me clean
Make me purified
Save me cuz I'm running out of time
Track Name: Dancing With The Moon
I want to take you by the hand
Take you places we've never been
In our minds

I want to dance upon the clouds
Feel the raindrops on my feet
Before they leave the sky

Only in our dreams we run and fly
We play all day and night
We can watch the sun set and rise
As we're dancing with the moon

I want to ride through the wind
I want to feel it blowing me
To the other side

I want to ride up to the stars
Travel on a beam of northern light
In the summer sky

We can stay inside
And share each other's dreams
Me inside yours
You inside mine

We can waltz on top of rainbows
As we dance into the sky
And leave the world behind

I want to walk across the sand
Walk into the sunset
With the tide

I want to swim across the sea
Feel the waves rocking me
To their lullaby
Track Name: Take
Take this weight from me
I can't lift it anymore
My body feels so tired
It wants to fall down on the floor

My hands are feeling broken
Gnarled and twisted from the pain
Barely holding on
To the hope that keeps me going
I feel my fingers slip away

Take this heart from me
I can't feel it anymore
Beaten, bruised and very broken
Laying shattered on the floor

All the pieces they lay scattered
Some are crushed beneath my feet
I try to hold the dust
It slips on through my fingers
Blown away into defeat

As life inflicts its pain
I cry out, again and again

Take this life from me
I can't live it anymore
And never for the sake of trying
The price was more than I could afford

The yoke that's holding all my burdens
It's weight is crushing to my knees
My sin and shame were more than
I could ever carry
The weight is surely killing me

I am waiting for you, Jesus
To lift this burden off of me
My back is breaking from my
Sin's accumulations
Only You can set me free

If the Son sets me free
I am free indeed
Track Name: I Want To Thank You (Lord)
For all that You are
And all that is You
I want to thank you Lord
I want to thank you Lord

For all that You say
And all that You do
I want to thank you Lord
I want to thank you Lord

For all that you give
And all that you take
And I want to thank you Lord
Thank you Lord

The source of my joy
The comfort to all my pain
I want to thank you Lord
I want to thank you Lord

I want to thank you
I want to thank you, Lord!
I want to thank you
I want to thank you, Lord!
Track Name: I Wanna Be
I wanna be your Superman
Fly you anywhere I can
I want to take you by the hand
Lead you to a distant land
Just call my name and here I am

I wanna be your man of steel
I wanna be the real deal
I want break down all the walls
And answer to your calls
Any time that you may feel

But I
Don't wanna be
One you leave aside
Don't let me
Be denied
I wanna be
By your side
Leave your heart

I wanna be your teddy bear
Anytime, Anywhere
When you need a squeeze
It would take too much to please
Reach for me and I'll be there

And I wanna be your loud guitar
Be the music that you are
When life gets too extreme
And when you need to scream
Bang on me I won’t be far

But I
Don't wanna be
The one you leave behind
I would just
lose my mind
I wanna be
Your happiness supplied
Make you feel
good inside

I wanna be your rock song
One that you're singing all day long
So anytime you've got a frown
I can turn it upside-down
Every time you sing along

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